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Every great makeup application begins at home! Application and products aren’t as effective if you don’t pre plan and prepare! In order to achieve a flawless makeup application, I ask that you arrive with freshly cleaned, exfoliated, and moisturized skin and lips. This can be accomplished by using a simple cleanser/scrub and face cloth. Wet the face, apply cleanser as directed, and gently scrub with a face cloth using circular motions. Rinse, blot the face dry and moisturize.

Strip Lashes are included with every makeup application. If you have individual lashes applied, it is best to soak them off and give the eyes a little rest. Individual lashes tend to catch a lot of eye shadow fallout and get in the way of a flawless result. I ask that you please arrive with your natural lashes free of glue, lashes or glue residue.

EYEBROWS, EYEBROWS, EYEBROWS! Eyebrows are so important and help to frame the face. It is extremely important that each client arrives with freshly groomed eyebrows. Please take the time to see a brow specialist to have your eyebrows waxed, tweezed or threaded within the week prior to your appointment. I will enhance the eyebrows with makeup, but I will not have time to remove any hair.

Now that your eyebrows are groomed, lashes soaked off and skin is prepared…you are ready for a flawless makeup application!

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